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So That Happened by Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer. So That Happened: A Memoir. New York, N.Y.: New American, 2015.

On the first day filming his first movie, the scene was supposed to be one of birds pooping on Cryer and other cast members. The director, Robert Altman was upset as the angle of the bird poop was appearing sideways, which was not realistic. Altman positioned himself and dropped fake bird poor on Cryer and other actors. Thus begun Cryer's film career.

Cryer first appeared on TV at age 4. His mother was in a commercial for Zestab vitamins where she was asked if she had children. Cyer and his sister were then added to the commercial.

Cryer studied acting under Dr. Jack Ramano, who was known for throwing chairs and once criticizing someone singing with "you sound like a fart in a balloon." Cryer stated Ramano was cruel "but it never came off as true cruelty---it was always inbred with the feeling that he wanted you to be better."

Cryer attended a summer program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. There, June Kemp taught mask work, where a student wore a mask and then performed body motions to match the mask.

Cryer won a role understudying Matthew Broderick in the play "Brighton Beach Memoirs" as he looked like Broderick. He was then offered to understudy the lead in "Torch Song Trilogy" where he was fired the first day for not knowing his lines. He was given a second chance and later replaced the lead. He toured with the play where Robert Altman saw him for his movie "O.C. and Stiggs".

Altman liked improvisation. The movie was released three years after it was filmed.

Cryer dated Demi Moore. He learned she cheated on him and had a drug problem.

Cryer was cast in the movie "Pretty in Pink". The costume designed decided his character would wear nothing that matched, thus showing his clash of personalities. "Pretty in Pink" was originally  filmed with the female lead, portrayed by Molly Ringwald, being with Cryer's character. Test markerig felt the lead girl should should overcome social barriers and be with the wealthy guy at the movie's end. Cryer admits he was "mystified" by his character ending up with someone he had just met. Cryer learned that Molly Ringwald wanted Robert Downey Jr for his part Rinwald later stated she could see chemistry between herself an Downey but not with Cryer. Cryer wonders if Ringwald sabotaged him for the new ending.

The director picked Cryer to be in another John Hughes produced movie. Yet the director was fired and Cryer lost his part along with the director

Cryer was given a Paramount office to produce movies. In reality it was a way to keep an actor at a studio. None of their ideas were actually made. Cryer than got his own office. He produced a movie
"Adult Education" as the first of four movies of his that bombed in 1987.

Cryer was on a short-lived TV show "The Famous Teddy Z". Its cancellation left Cryer emotionally bruised.

Cryer found success in the move "Hot Shots". He worked with Charlie Sheen who spent evenings at clubs and strip clubs, yet this never affected his acting.

cryer auditioned for, but did not get, the role of Chandler on "Friends".

Cryer co-wrote, starred in, and produced  a notable independent film "Went to Coney Island…."

Cryer was in a movie "The Pompatous of Love". The financier never paid the Screen Actors Guild he small amount for residuals. The Guild seized the film and sold it for less than $10,000.

Cryer was facing financial ruin and his marriage was in trouble. He was then offered two roles, to be on "Battlestar Gallactica" and "Two and a Half Men". He felt the "Two and a Half Men" would work as he felt good vibes filming the pilot. Charlie Sheen was "a natural". The writers were funny. The show opened o great rations and held most of its original audience.

Charlie Sheens's ability to drink and party late at night and still act began fading away Sheen began criticizing the show. He demanded producer Chuck Lorre and others be fired. Lorrie fired him.

Hugh Grant was picked to be added to the cast. Grant changed his mind. Ashton Kuchner was added to the cast.

Sheen later apologized. He was using testosterone cream that made hm angry. Ironically, the demands Sheen made happened. 

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