Sunday, April 26, 2015

If You Build It…by Dwier Brown

Dwieer Brown. If You Build It…Ojai, Ca.: Elsie Jean Books, 2014.

The author, an actor, at one point in his career felt typecast as over 12 of his characters died over a five year period. This made him feel as if a part of him was dying. He asked God for one "meaningful" role, after which he would devote himself to helping others. He received his iconic role in the movie "Field of Dreams". He played Joe Kinsella, the deceased father who emerges in the field to play catch with his adult son.

The author recalls advice form his father His father taught him that working at something made one better. He realized he had never considered acting as something one worked on. He began working at his craft.

The "Field of Dreams" Executive Producer insured the corn filed as it was that important to the script. When drought hit, the insurance company paid for damming a creek for irrigating the corn field rather than their paying the $3 million insurance policy benefit. As a backup, 60,000 actual size silk corn stalks were offered. The irrigation project worked.

When Brown auditioned for the role, he read the script and realized his character wanted to find peace with his son and let his son know he loves him. He entered the audition telling himself "I am John Kinsella."

He learned in acting class that one has to become the character. He was taught "acting isn't lying; acting is telling the truth."

Brown's scene was filmed three times. There were 3,000 extras. Flashing high beams were used in the third take as there were fears the previous two takes were not working with background cars. The third take worked, which was good as the first two takes found the film was all blank.

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