Sunday, May 3, 2009

Conscious Creation by Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace. Conscious Creation: Directing Energy to Get the Life You Want. New York: iUniverse, 2008.

Actor and acting teacher Dee Wallace encourages people to create and then obtain their victorious goals. This is useful in making life happier, in healing when sick, and in becoming a better actor.

She advises concentrating on success. If one sets one’s life towards worry, life is directed and then heads toward that worry instead of overcoming it.

The author observed, while filming the movie “E.T.”, that she felt other people were directing her creativity. Like the movie, she felt a need to find her home, family, and love. She became a better actor when she realized she controlled her creativity. When one lovingly channels energy towards improving one’s natural abilities, one will create and achieve one’s own success.

The author found by staring an acting studio that she loved her work and her students. Actors learn to seek out what blocks exist in their lives that cause them to hold back showing their best talents. When they find and heal these blocks, their acting and their lives improve.

Wallace credits Charles Conrad for providing her much useful acting advice. He taught her to use one’s own energy.

As E.T. found friends and love on Earth, causing the universe to come to help E.T., the author states we are all part of a knowledge universe. As quantum physics shows all parts of the universe contain universal knowledge, people can direct their energies towards universal forces that can respond and help.

This transmitting of positive energy improves one’s own energy which improves one’s health, emotions, abilities (including acting), and lives.

This transmission of energy was observed in how a sizable number of monkeys had learned how to improve the taste of food by washing it, the whole population of monkey knew to do this, including monkeys who had no contact with other food washing monkeys.

The universe is all One Energy. One needs to project good vibes, show gratitude, and know how to forgive. One needs to learn to become one’s own Creative Force.

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