Friday, November 16, 2012

Celestial Trek by Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Yarnall. Celestial Trek: What Being on Star Treak Taight me. My Publisher. (2012).

The author was Yeoman Martha Landon on the “Star Trek” TV series. Her character dated Chekov. Her character portrayed a strong woman during the 1960s, which was an era where women were being portrayed more often as having strength. She even had a fight scene.

“Star Trek” presented many lessons, Yarnall demonstrates. The show taught hoe it is important to show love towards each other. The need for harmony led the author to explore, research, and write about holistic health care for people and animals.

She believes the show’s slogan “Live long and prosper” applies to our planet. We need to protect and improve our planet. The crew on “Star Trek” were presented as working together. We all need to work together. The show also encourage people to use their imaginations and find new and bette ways of doing things. The show further taught people to be tolerant of others.

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